Sunday, December 14, 2014

5 Best android Apps of 2015 that Pay you

How to pay for the applications on your smartphone not bored while waiting in line at Starbucks? I never told? But what if Apple or Android device in the pocket expensive could pay for itself? No, I'm not kidding. Both Google Play and App stores offer many applications that claim to pay money to use: allows you to install applications and conduct market or otherwise a point and click with your smartphone. In fact, most of the "get rich quick" solutions (especially in the Android Market) are just plain nonsense, yet we turned the application list and really impressive confidence that earns you money without excessive effort.

best android apps that pay you
KeepAndroid and make money with apps.

5 android apps that pay you

Available for Android and iOS, will reward Shopkick only for shopping. No matter if you somethingor not buy, as all you need is to go into a store and scan a document or make a purchase. Partners with retail applications, including Sony, Target, P & G, and Old Navy installing the labels in their stores to connect your smartphone to an article and get shots standing '' redeemable against gift cards or store discounts.

Describing himself as a mobile market, this app will help you earn a second income to complete simple tasks in your area. Gigwalk higher incomes ($ 3 to $ 90 per task), but requires the application and be approved before a job as a mystery, take pictures, mobile application testing, etc. If you do the job well, you will be paid through Paypal, depending on their experience and reputation.

"Cash back when you purchase their favorite brands in their favorite stores" - that is the offer Ibotta advantage. The idea of the application is it easy to find discount stores in your area without having to collect many coupons and take them with you all the time. Ibotta works with most brands and retailers known, so if you manage to match your shopping list prudence Discount applying a small deposit from your purchase is guaranteed. Take a photo of your receipt and the application will send extra money to your PayPal.

The easy way to make money! You're just install the application and complete specific small missions that often sound like "Take a picture lunch" or "Take a picture of his shoes. After loading the image to Iconzoomer and earn one credit for each photo. Once you have 200 credits, you can redeem them for cash. Iconzoomer made payments once a month (for PayPal and Amazon 200 credits is $ 10).

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Another application that you pay almost nothing. Watch videos on applications and get points. It is difficult to say that rates are high (half cent per video), but a demo version of an application is attempted, you can earn 9 cents to a dollar. Not bad.

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