Thursday, May 15, 2014

Top 10 Free Android Apps 2014 only for Android Lovers

PicsArt - Photo Studio :

Install PicsArt photo studio - where everyone becomes a great artist ! Photo Editor is free of the most popular mobile with more than 87 million facility , one of the social networks of the fastest growing artists Pictures' biggest galleries .

PicsArt Photo Editor is a free , Web images and collage maker , art network tool graphic image . It's like a collection of all-in- one of several editors : PicsArt Collage Maker enables you to create collages using amazing image network , free form collage maker , or the use of images in the funds. It is one of the most powerful tools in the network and provide model -free collage of pictures in the market.

Effects PicsArt are awesome effects technical picture like Stenciler, Cartoonizer, cartoonist , Orton , and Mo , Vintage , Operation Cross , HDR, Fattal , Pencil , Holgaart, watercolor , Landmarks , comic , neon , gouache , and old paper , pastels , eyes remover red , Popart, mirror , blur , smart repair facial color initially, the impact of paper and more! Allows you to apply effects to images using put the brush when artists can control where a lot of effects and how to apply them to an image. PicsArt digital camera allows you to capture an image, preview the images and apply effects live by improving the level of their own camera .

Kapil comedy nights :

The exhibition , Comedy Nights with Kapil , broadcast colors . Depicting Kapil Kapil Apart from Sharma , another talented , up -and-coming comedians and interesting , which plays an important role in this series . Application is to stop big to catch all the missing links and download exclusive videos by purchasing the application.

Office Suite Pro 7 :

Office Suite Pro lets you view , create , edit, print and share Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the go. You can also open attachments and PDF files displayed on a disk or Android-based solution with our mobile office with many of the features the phone .

The suite includes Office Pro file browser and integration with leading cloud services : Box, picking , Google Drive , and SkyDrive for SugarSync to give users a lot of options for managing files and attachments.

There are a number of manufacturers such as Sony , Amazon , Barnes and Noble , Kobe , Alcatel , Archos , Pandigital, Polaroid , ViewSonic , and Kobo Kyocera reliable MobiSystems Office suite preloaded and all over the world .

Yahoo Weather:

Yahoo Weather acclaimed application is now available on Android , featuring stunning images that match the current weather conditions and a completely new design with lots of new features. Weather seeing unprecedented . Sliding easily to more accurate or add widget to the home screen to get the latest weather forecast weather information . Wherever you go , and pretty outlook .

Google Sky Map:

Google Sky is the best application with Google Sky Map for Android you can discover and explore the night sky just by pointing your phone to space . Using sensors to go on your Android phone , and we can show you a star map for your site. Exploration of the planets and the stars and constellations . To know the name and location of the space and objects impress your friends .


Listen to the music and the original audio world 's largest community of musicians , bands and producers and creators of the sound of all kinds. SoundCloud is an audio platform leader in the world, with more than a dozen hours of music and audio published every minute . Find and play new songs , and modifies , comedy , news and more. SoundCloud with the application for Android , you can hear anything , wherever you are.


Using mobile apps TADO be part of the class system management TADO ° heating home heating automatically fits your needs : heat was rejected when the last person has left the house. Just before someone comes home TADO ° turns up the heat. Using the application , you can change all the settings , and review the reports and manually adjust the temperature when moving .

Weye Feye:

And Weye Feye is a more advanced global Wi-Fi that allows remote control for DSLR camera with a smartphone or tablet computer , which facilitates the exchange of files instantly .

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